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A soft, comfortable quilt goes a long way in keeping you warm during winters. Use Handi Quilter's low-maintenance, reliable quilting machines to stitch beautiful quilts. St. Cloud Sewing Center stocks different kinds of machines for you to choose from.

Machines with several functions to improve performance

HQ Infinity 26

The creative possibilities of quilting are endless. Now, your longarm machine also provides endless opportunities. Introducing the HQ Infinity by Handi Quilter. Innovative features, from stitching speeds up to 3,100 precision stitches per minute to handlebars that can be tailored to how you like to quilt, establish the Infinity as best in class. Customizable settings, programmable presets and intuitive software give the Infinity the ability to work and grow with you.


HQ Fusion 24

On-board video play-back system; built-in self-diagnostics; integrated and adjustable lights; other features


HQ Avante 18

Menu-controlled LED lights; speed of 1800 precision stitches-per-minute; color touch-screens on front and back handlebars; other features


HQ Sweet Sixteen

Responsive foot pedal with half-stitch control; handles all threads; smooth table surface assures even quilting; other features


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